Fee Schedule

As of 1/30/2019 Download Fee Schedule (PDF, 251 KB)

Economic research and analysis, document review, office and client consultations, deposition preparation and trial preparation.1

-- Ph.D. Economist $550/hour

-- Senior Economist $375/hour

-- Economist or CPA $250/hour

-- Survey Administration $125/hour

Deposition testimony $650/hour 2

Arbitration and Trial Testimony $650/hour 3

Travel time (outside of 10 miles from Oakland) $250/hour

All other expenses billed at cost.

1 Bills will be submitted periodically and are due upon presentation, not at the conclusion of the case.

2 Payment for deposition testimony shall be paid in accordance with C.C.P. '2034 (i) (3) --i.e. payment of an expert's fees for the anticipated length of a deposition shall be paid at the commencement of his/her deposition, and any outstanding balance shall be paid within five days of receiving an itemized statement of the expert's services.

3 All invoices to date must be paid prior to trial testimony. In addition, an additional retainer must be paid prior to the trial testimony based upon the estimated invoice for the testimony.

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